Locate the New "Mega" Single Site Acute Care Hospital in Windsor's City Centre

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A new Single-Site “Mega” Hospital is slated to replace the two Windsor Regional Hospital locations on Ouellette Ave. and Tecumseh Road East. There has been strong indication this new facility will be located outside Windsor’s urban core from WRH administration and the Erie St. Clair LHIN, a location that will be devastating to downtown Windsor and its surrounding neighbourhoods.

- Locating a major piece of civic infrastructure outside the urban core will draw business and residents away from the downtown and surrounding neighbourhoods. This is contradictory to our local and provincial planning objectives, this is an issue that must not be ignored.

- The level of transit service drops significantly the further away from the urban centre one travels. Providing frequent and reliable transit service to a site with little or no service can be very expensive and difficult to implement efficiently.

- Low density land use patterns are consuming prime farmland at a rapid rate in Ontario. Provincial planning policies discourage such practices and recommend development on existing brownfield site or underutilized lands whenever possible. Windsor has over 500 acres of available brownfield land, and thousands of underutilized properties, much of it within our urban core. There is little reason to continue to expand our city outward in an unsustainable fashion.

- Our American neighbours are implementing major changes in healthcare campus design concepts to attempt to rectify poor decisions made decades ago that physically segregated the healthcare campus from the rest of the city. For example, the city of Buffalo, New York has developed a program with the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus to physically better integrate the hospital campus into the city grid.

- Healthcare professionals today are acknowledging the critical connection between good urban planning practices and a healthy active lifestyle. Building isolated campus style healthcare facilities that segregate themselves from their host cities and/or are distant from their urban centres contribute to sedentary, automobile dependent lifestyles. It has been recognized by the Centres for Disease Control and countless other medical organizations across North America that such development patterns, commonly referred to as “suburban sprawl” create an unhealthy environment, and in turn unhealthy residents.

A site within Windsor’s city centre is central to the majority of Windsor-Essex’s population; approximately 70% of Windsor-Essex lives in LaSalle, Windsor and Tecumseh.  Choosing a location in Windsor city centre will not only efficiently deliver healthcare to Windsor and Essex County residents but it can be be a catalyst for positive change.