Wiltshire Council: Make our roads safer for local wildlife and motorists

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Wildlife populations have been devastated by modern developments; roads don't just increase mortality, the cost to wildlife extends to habitat degradation/connectivity, decreased genetic diversity and population segregation. 
The People's Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) annual roadkill survey states that 1000,000 mammals die on Britain's roads along with 10,000,000 birds each year.
The cost to the public is also high; the DVC Post Office Press Release 0603 states that the annual cost to motorists in vehicle repairs alone exceeds £17,000,000 a year. The estimated cost to public services (roadside maintenance and NHS services) exceeds £260,000.

A recent survey aimed at Wiltshire residents showed that 100% of participants agreed that making roads safer for wildlife is an important issue, either for their own interests or for wildlife/conservation efforts. 
The most popular proposed solutions to vehicle related wildlife mortality rates included:

1) Public Education: raise awareness of the impacts on wildlife and motorists to improve attitudes and public knowledge (88.68%)
2) Installing road signs that warn motorists of smaller animals (badgers, hedgehogs and foxes) (83.02%)
3) Constructing wildlife tunnels and green bridges for wildlife to keep them off the roads (83.02%)

With this petition it is hoped that enough signatures can be gained to to ask our local councils/charities to consider investing in some or all of the above solutions.