Save our field

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I have rented our little field for nearly 11years. It's our second home, my sanctuary, my peace and quiet and my ponies and goats home. The ashes of our little pony cooper are scattered about the field. 

So many wild animals use it as their safe place. 

We decided a year ago to create a track system in the field and this not only creates the perfect environment  for the ponies to assist in their physical condition and mental stimulation but what it also does is create the most amazing habitat for the wild life that visit. 

My children have grown up here and it's been key in their mental development as they both have ASD. 

So here's the thing.......developers want to build on it!! And put a few pretty little homes there which will serve only those that can afford it....more green space and wild life habitats gone..  

The owners of the field have been approached by the row of homes that line the field to buy it between them but so far no joy. They didn't buy their homes for a load more to go up and block their lovely view of Southwick country park and Wingfield.  

Some of these properties are also listed!! Including the church of st John. 

I'm begging you to help me. Sign.....share.....please help me save our little paradise. 

I won't give it up without a fight and I'd appreciate it if you'd all stand with me xx