Locals Against Sunpass Back Charge

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This petition is in place to request that SunPass waive charges incurred during the collection system failure that occurred June and July of 2018 and issue refunds to SunPass users who have been assaulted with an onslaught of high back charges.

As of June 2018, SunPass collection system was down for maintenance. Despite their promise to have the system fully operational within two weeks, the problem lasted into August and is projected to have issues into September. As a result, SunPass users are now being victimized with copious back charges for the monies uncollected without notice. Easy Pass users are being assaulted with overdraft charges from the unexpected collections. Why should our locals be responsible for an error made by this corporation?

FDOT is halting payments to a company upgrading the SunPass toll-collection system until all the changes in the $287 million project are deemed “fully operational". However, nothing is being done for the actual SunPass users who are being affected by this error with the exception for a promise to Easy Pay users that their overdraft charges will be refunded. A process that could take weeks or even longer. Something must be done. SunPass should be held responsible for their system failure, not the SunPass users who pour hundreds, even thousands of dollars individually into the company annually. Please sign this petition to support our local SunPass users and to encourage SunPass to do the right thing by the people who fund their corporation.