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Wildcard have to cancel flyer nerf

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Flyer Nerf
Note "flyer" refers only the mountable flyers and excludes creatures such as the Onyc, Dimorphodon and Vulture.

Flying creatures can no longer allocate points into movement speed.All flying creatures have had their movement speed points refunded.
Wild points allocated to movement speed are no longer reflected in the creature's level, reducing their wild level when compared to other creatures.
Flyers will continue to consume stamina (and won't regenerate) while unmounted if they are still being ridden by another player or creature (i.e. on their back). This primarily affects wyverns and quetzals.
Flyers now added 100% of the weight of other creatures on their back (up from 30%).
Mounted-fly-speed of flyers reduced by 10-30%.
The stamina of all flying creatures has been substantially reduced.
The stamina of all flying creatures now regenerates much more slowly.
The stamina of all flying creatures now takes ~10 seconds to begin regenerating.
The Island now features Wind Speed, which modifies the speed of flyers. Direction of the wind is currently not visible.
Imprint no longer increases the movement speed of flyers.
Increased wyvern special attack cost.
Decreased quetzal health per rank.
Added 3 second cooldown to the Pteranodon's barrel roll.

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