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In June 2016, voice actor Mike Pollock's page was nominated for deletion and was removed, with the nominating users citing a lack of notability & sources, thus leading to the page's deletion. Citing his work in not only the various Sonic The Hedgehog series, but many others including but not limited to Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & more should be enough to validate the claim that he is in fact notable. 

"A person is not notable because they are known for something" is the claim of one Wikipedia user who called for the deletion of Mike's page, when in fact, if we really edited Wikipedia with the same mindset that these users that had a hand in the deletion of Mike's page have, thousands of other Wikipedia pages related arts & media should be deleted as well.

If we applied that quote to all of Wikipedia, then there would also be no point in having user pages on the site as well since just editing on Wikipedia is a single source & also isn't very notable. To me, starring in a decent number of games & television programs should be considered more notable than the thousands of people who have their own user page for editing a handful of articles.

Another point opposing users made was the lack of sources & citations, citing most of it was linked to Sonic The Hedgehog related sites. While this is true, the article could have easily been cleaned up with sources & citations edited to meet Wikipedia standards.

The solution that was proposed & made was deleting Mike's page & redirecting it to a small section of the Dr. Eggman article. This is a very unfair & dehumanizing "solution", for he is notable for more than his work in the Sonic The Hedgehog series. My proposed solution is to reinstate Mike Pollock's Wikipedia page, but to re-write & edit it to meet Wikipedia's standards. Either that, or we might as well mark the thousands of other Wikipedia pages for deletion citing the same reasons these people did. 

So, where should we start? Should we help to clean up & grow Wikipedia, or should we leave other beloved & notable actors, actresses, topics & more like Mike without a proper page for the people of today and tomorrow & slash the numbers of Wikipedia? You decide.

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