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Protest the FCC's net neutrality and Internet Privacy repeal by holding website blackouts

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The FCC wants to repeal US laws that protect your privacy online, and wants to allow ISP's to collect and sell your data including your internet history, as well as allowing them to throttle data speeds to anyone they choose.

More than 800 startups have signed a letter to FCC Chair Ajit Pal, urging him to protect net neutrality:

And The Internet Association, a trade group representing Facebook, Google and Amazon, stressed the importance of defending current net neutrality rules in a meeting with Pai earlier this month.

This repeal benefits ONLY the ISP's, and does nothing but harm the end consumer, and businesses. ISP's would be able to force you to pay extra charges, else anyone attempting to visit your businesses website will be slowed down.

And all the while they will be collecting and selling your browsing data.

ISP's will go to great lengths to increase their profits, including paying $8 million to congress members to convince them to vote against the interest of the american people.

We can help bring awareness to this issue by staging website blackouts, similiar to wikipedia's wonderful blackout protest of the SOPA bill.

Sign this petition to help urge companies such as wikipedia, reddit, and other websites to stage blackouts, and inform people of the damage the FCC is trying to do.

Show people what the internet would be like without net neutrality. Show people why they should care about the future of the internet.

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