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Save Donald's Ranch

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The Ranch has been around for over 60 years since Donald Graham rented it in 1955. The Ranch is a part of the Wigton community, a place for children to enjoy different breeds of animals (horses, donkeys, geese, rabbits etc.), and a place for people to gather and enjoy a traditional ranch. To take this ranch away would be like taking away a part of Wigton's history, but that is what Wigton Town Council is trying to do. Instead of keeping this Ranch alive and allowing people to enjoy it, they want to rip it apart. They want to take control of this joyous place and turn it into more allotments. They are fighting to destroy a ranch that has been around for 60 years because they want more rent money. That is the cusp of it. The destruction of  a 60 year old ranch that Donald Graham put his life and soul into, until his death in 2013, for a bit more rent money. What really matters more: a historic ranch that creates family happiness and brings something extra to Wigton through it's various animals, (animals that will made homeless as they themselves have no monetary value, and so will most likely die), or money? If you sign this petition you are helping to save something meaningful, if you ignore it you are helping Wigton Town Council's greed. So please sign this petition because with one signature you could be doing something great. 

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