Fortnite visualises

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Hello. I know Fortnite does amazing job. But they never improved for visualises especially for the deaf people who uses heavy playing. Visual are still horrible poor lately.

since from season 7 however, they has now snow part of new map. The problem is that the visual is white. which is tranparent to snow and its unable to tell if theres persons behind us or not. We would love to choose different colour for visual which we are able to see clearly.

Also peoples who use jump pad from higher and when they opened glide there's no way we can tell they were above us and next thing I know I was shot to death it was too late to reach as our visual was not showing.

Visual kept us confused where other enemies are as the footsteps show upside downside and kept turning round and then we found out we looked at the wrong place while they were at other place.

There is no visual at all when person or vehicle at the range at least 50m. they got so close till we were realised, it was too late to protect ourselves or get ready for a battle.

also its it's terrible in ice storm when visualises show peoples is nearby and its not. its was zombie. we all deafs struggle with it. colour visualises would be great to separate peoples and zombies.  and keep up to date with visualized 

 I think that they may should separate game mode like, for hearing can use to access headsets in game mode only and hard of heaing or deaf to access visuals in game mode only. separated servers 

also it's was okay for hearing peoples to have headset to hear widely around the game. we deaf people's struggle with visually.  PLAY FAIR AND EQUALLY AGAINST HEARING WORLD!


also please do sign your name include reason why you want make this happend