Stop the proposed development at the site of St Peters Church, Bryn.

Stop the proposed development at the site of St Peters Church, Bryn.

4 July 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Bryn Resident

Wigan Council want to build twenty-eight one bedroom flats for homeless people as a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts. 
This is an extremely worrying proposal for the following reasons: 

Very close proximity to two local school (Nicol Mere and St Peters). 

Close proximity to two other schools (Landgate special school and Our Lady’s Immaculate School)

The playing field directly opposite is used by local children and regularly for Wigan FC girls team. 

The site is adjacent to a scout hut/boys brigade community hall. 

The probable associated rise in crime can not be managed due to severely low local policing levels and no local police station. 

A housing development of up to 450 houses is already being built in Bryn. 

Update  - 5th July

Confirmed in an email to Steve Jones it states that the individuals who will stay in these dwellings will be coming from hostels and shelters. It also states it will have 24 hour response and NOT 24 hour staffing. (Another major concern.)

The email also states that it is being built for local demand - this is not needed in Bryn or Wigan. As a matter of fact, there are roughly only 100 homeless people living in the borough. This thus proves that people will be brought into this facility from other areas as a potential occupier can only stay in the dwelling for up to 12 weeks then they are moved on. 


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Signatures: 1,984Next Goal: 2,500
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