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Fanshawe College on Walpole Island

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Ahnii Walpolers!

Some of you may or may not know me but my name is Matthew Nahdee. My mother is Laura Nahdee, and my grandparents, Wilson and Carol. As a graduate of university, law school and several other accredited institutional certificates (including York University - Osgoode Hall Law School program on Aboriginal Governance, Resources and Policy), I've found no better way to improve my own life, my family's, and our communities' than education. As a child, my mother had very little, including no support from my grandparents and no permanent residence. My mother, (who is my savior) and myself, continued to struggle and had no permanent residence before I started elementary school. 

She sacrificed her younger years to find a job and support myself (and my future siblings). I have had a job since I was 12 years old, and currently have 3 sources of income, the most important for this being Part-Time Faculty and Curriculum Developer for Fanshawe College, in London, Ontario and have also taught for Western University, as well. I work in the area of on-reserve business development and taxation and currently have clients (both community and individuals) whom are our people that we strategize how to avoid the pitfalls of doing business all over the world.

In my other time, Fanshawe College and I have teamed up to move directly into communities, to deliver either full programs or specific courses and certificates based on community wants and needs. Currently, I'm teaching on Chippewa of the Thames First Nation and Oneida First Nation - at no cost to the communities!

As a community, we are geographically located outside the economic and education food chain of southern Ontario. It is hard for our people to gain access to meaningful positions and recognized and relevant programming for our area. I want to stress that I will remove myself from any of the discussions or future teachings should someone take issue with myself organizing. I do not and will not play into lateral violence and I promise that this is for our people and not for me. I can and will do whatever I have to do, in order to bring this to us because I believe in both teams - us and Fanshawe's.

This petition is to address that. Let's show our Leaders that we want a FULL SUITE of programs hosted by a globally recognized college in our community. These are but not limited to:

  1. Entrepreneurship and Business - how to operate business on reserve both from an individual and band-owned sense;
  2. Social Work, PSW, DSW, ECE - and other programming specific to the local needs;
  3. The Indian Act -  it's history, how it affects us then, now and into the future (OUR NEXT 7);
  4. Financial Literacy - Specific courses related to on-reserve dynamics and how we can make informed decisions and grow sustainably.
  5. Everything else - Anything else Fanshawe has and we have the numbers, they'll do!

So that's it. Fanshawe will pay for the space, subsidize much our learners' journey and let our own members facilitate the education (provided they have the resume and skills to instruct). If we get 100 or more signatures, Fanshawe will come down and present to community and we can discuss together, how this will work.

I am one of your own, trying the best way I know how to make Walpole better. Having a REAL college with REAL information and REAL people is certainly one way we'll make our island better for us all and the next 7 generations. Let's bring opportunities to ALL of us!


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