Wicked vegan foods please stop using Palm Oil and reduce plastic wrapping

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As a vegan I was happy to discover the vegan Wicked Kitchen food range. However, I recently noticed that many of their food items contain Palm Oil. Palm oil is responsible the ongoing merciless destruction and deforestation of the planets lungs, also for the near extinction of many species including the Orangutan. This loss of biodiversity also includes many plant species, which incidentally may hold cures for many debilitating and life threatening diseases. From an environmental point of view, Palm Oil is also responsible for a increase in CO2 gas in the atmosphere (the gas causing climate change) and many scientists now believe that greenhouse gas emissions pose one of the biggest threats to our planet.

In addition to causing harm to animals and the environment the Palm oil industry is linked to human trafficking and the human rights abuse of many indigenous peoples and this must be stopped.

Wicked Kitchen food items are also largely packaged in non- biodegradable Plastic, another major environmental concern.  

I do appreciate that Wicked Kitchen have made the effort to create this vegan food range and it tastes great and I would like to continue buying it, but as an ethical vegan I feel uncomfortable purchasing it until the above issues are addressed.

The concerns highlighted do not just apply to vegans. Whilst Palm oil is without a doubt a vegan issue, causing the deaths of many, many, animals each year through loss of habitat, injury, and other occurrences, the problem of Palm oil is far more reaching and is having an impact on us all vegan or not. This earth is our collective home! 

Finally, this petition has been created to ask Wicked Kitchen to address their use of Palm Oil as well as non-degradable plastics in all of their food products. Please sign and share if you agree. Thank you.