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Why the Lugar-Casey Global Food Security Act will Fail to Curb Hunger

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Inform yourself and others.

Reading and informing yourself and others is an action
which it seems too few people participate in.

Creating poverty is ultimately genocide
, slow and painful.
The system creates poverty and then criminalizes survival necessities for those of us who do not have enough money to join the system and abide by its oppressive rules.

Propagating GMOs is ultimately the destruction of all natural foods on earth.

GMOs are already contaminating crops around the world.
And then Monsanto has the gall to prosecute the farmers and confiscate their produce and lands?!? ...

Organic farming makes some of these people "shudder".
 -- Democracy Now, last week --

Does this mean they prefer chemical poisons to clean food?!?

What is wrong with these people?!?!?
Where will it end if we do not stop them now?

                                   --- ALS


"A new bill before the U.S. Senate stands to completely overhaul the way the U.S. offers agricultural development and food aid to the developing world.
This bill, the Lugar-Casey Global Food Security Act, aims to reform aid programs to include a stronger focus on long-term agricultural development and the restructuring of aid agencies to better respond to crises.
While this renewed focus is commendable, the Lugar-Casey bill also mandates funding for genetically modified crop research as a major underpinning of its food security strategy.

Just as food aid expands markets for U.S. grain even as it destroys markets and farm livelihoods abroad, the agricultural development aid in the Lugar-Casey Global Food Security Act will open markets in Africa and elsewhere to the U.S. biotechnology industry.
This is likely to result in a windfall for northern seed and chemical companies, but will increase risk and dependency among small farmers across the developing world."

So reads the introduction to a report developed by FoodFirst in consultation with the US Working Group on the Food Crisis, of which Grassroots International is a founding member.
This background document explains the bill, its context and potential devasting impact for small farmers.
To read the report, click the link below.

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"Grassroots International"
Subject: April e-Newsletter: International Day of Peasants' Struggle
Date: 17 апреля 2009 г. 8:13

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