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10,000 SUPPORTERS! and "A Former Farmer's View"

Stop Pig Wrestling
Fort Wayne, IN

Jul 12, 2015 — Thank you to all of the supporters! This petition has reached 10,000 signatures!! This is more signatures than the population of the town this event is to be held in, Columbia City, Indiana. Please continue on to read this great editorial. If I could only share with you all of the people who have come to me wishing to stay anonymous but opposing this event of animal cruelty.

Submitted by Anonymous to: RIVER VALLEY HUMANE SOCIETY

February 2015

I grew up on a farm in Harrison County, Indiana. My Dad had a Dairy farm, but along the way we also raised chickens and pigs at some point. As a farm kid my job was taking care of the baby animals, mostly bottle feeding the baby calves. But I did help with the pigs and chickens some too. My Dad, who was a life-long farmer taught all of us kids to care for the animals because they had value.
Obviously, they had monetary value, but it was more than that. We were taught to nurture the animals - to respect their place in our lives. Was life ideal for farm animals? No, I'm sure it wasn't. But when they got sick we sat up on a bale of hay propped against the cows so they wouldn't lie down and bloat. When a baby calf had scours in the winter, into the basement it would go so it could stay warm. We kept the baby pigs in a wood farrowing crate with the Mom so they could get away, with a heat lamp over the area where the little piglets could stay warm and safe.
Every spring we went to Eaton's hatchery and got baby chicks then brought them back to the brooder - then watch the little chicks and make sure they ate and drank properly so they could get strong and be put out in the chicken house.

All this is to say that family farmers depend on the well-being of their animals to be successful. The extra care that we put into raising them came from generations of farmers who learned to give them care so they would not just survive, but thrive. It makes no sense for a farmer to mistreat or abuse an animal in any way. And any farmer worth his salt wouldn't do it anyway - it goes against every instinct, every life lesson a good farmer learned from the time they were knee high to a grasshopper.
These family ideals were reinforced by the 4-H, which taught us to be kind and caring - to use our heart in dealing with all living things.

How sad - how wrong it is to go against everything we ever learned about farm animals for an afternoon of the insanity of so-called pig wrestling. An event vile and disgusting in every way - terrorizing a pig, overpowering it and body slamming it on or in a barrel. The pigs end up face down in the muddy water, where the inhale the mud an yuck in their sinuses and windpipe. Headline - the Harrison County Fair water-boards young defenseless pigs.

No one who has ever given a bottle to a little calf that was just taken from its mother, put a fluffy baby chick in the brooder to make sure it stayed warm, or "grunted" to a pig to get them to talk back to you could possibly disregard their emotional and physical well-being in this way.
Farm animals are raised to ultimately be slaughtered and we all know that, but humans who have the animals up to that point have the obligation and the honor to treat them with kindness and human decency. If the Harrison County Fair Board can't see that, then I don't think you have any business being responsible for the Fair, or anything else that can affect the lives of innocent animals or the psychological well-being of children that might be traumatized by the pigs being abused. Or for the children who misconstrue the sanctioned abuse of animals to mean the violence against living beings is OK, including against other humans. How many times have the police told us children that abuse animals grow up to abuse people or to be serial killers?

Your decision will define not just the Fair, but Harrison County and Corydon. As far as I know the Fair has never had an event in which animals are abused and traumatized. I just don't understand why we are dealing with something this barbaric in 2015.

->So God made a farmer - but not to scare and abuse innocent animals.

Submitted by Anonymous to River Valley Humane Society, Indiana

Head over to and let them know what you think.

ALSO: the same pigs that will be used at this fair will be used TOMORROW NIGHT in Noble County, Indiana. Please visit their Facebook page ( and sign their petition against this abuse (

Thank you for your compassion.

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