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Bring the old 'Molester' Moon and Sun faces back to WhatsApp.

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The recent Whatsapp update brought some changes, some of them are appreciated, some of them not so much. Many users dislike the fact that Whatsapp stole another messenger's (Snapchat) feature, some are disappointed about the loss of statuses in form of texts. But the only really upsetting change has to do with the new emojis. Most of them look fine, also the new variety provided by the large amount of entirely new ones is a great addition to the emoji section. However, there is one type of emoji whose change has lead to much anger in many online communities: The 'Molester' Sun/Moon faces (:new_moon_with_face:, :full_moon_with_face:, :sun_with_face:). Those three emojis were traditional symbols often used to express sarcasm, (malicious) joy, glee, cringe etc., because their facial expession seemed to show a restrained, maybe regretting grin, for which they also got named 'Molester'. For many Whatsapp users those emojis even replaced others like :joy:, :yum:, :smirk: and through massive overuse they became group symbols, symbols that showed unity and identity. The new emojis do not show that. The flat, smooth surface that makes them look more like basic shapes rather than celestial bodies does not make them express the same feelings anymore. The texture involving lunar craters, dark shades and fairly realistic eyes, nose and mouth that made them look so profound, are now replaced by plain shapes that just are not original. This problem pops up a completely new question: What purpose did changing the emojis have? Clearly there are no reasons for that, just against. The 'Molesters' went from frequently to rarely used symbols, so their purpose is much smaller now. This petition is supposed to raise awareness of the update taking away an important part of some user's (status) symbols and - in the best case - to bring the old 'Molesters' back!                                                     

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