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Lower the speed limit for Whangarei Heads Road

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We the Whangarei heads community are concerned The road Whangarei heads road from Onerahi to Urquarts Bay is a high crash zone. We ourselves aswell as friends, family and loved ones all travel this road daily. In the last two months alone there has been numerous crashes, so far there have been no deaths. Something needs to be done before there is a fatality. Whangarei heads road is not a road to be travelled on at 100kmh even for an experienced driver. The road has many bends and tight corners as well as a vast amount of different speed limits 50,70,80 and 100kmh which can also confuse people new to the area/tourists/sightseers causing speeding in the settlement areas and slower driving in the higher speed areas. People are getting careless taking corners to fast resulting in crossing the centre line we feel they use the 100kmh speed limit as a target not a guide and they are not driving to the conditions. We feel if the speed is changed to 80kmh throughout and 60kmh in settlement areas this will lower the crash rate and also prevent dangerous tailgating and overtaking. It is also concerning that there is a lot of tourists that travel this road and are unfamiliar with it and trying to keep up with the speed limit which could result in an unfortunate event. By signing this petition we as a Community can stand together and get this speed limit lowered before someone loses their life!

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