Decision Maker Response

Siân Berry’s response

Apr 13, 2016 — It is a wonderful and completely appropriate idea to erect a Suffragette statue in Parliament Square in time for the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote. The suffragettes campaigned bravely and relentlessly for positive change and showed the unstoppable power of good ideas. I think it would be especially fitting for a petition promoted by young people, who often feel excluded from politics, to celebrate the lives of these women who won us the right to vote and to change things for ourselves.

It would also be perfect to place the statue in Parliament Square, because in recent years the Mayor of London has often stopped campaigners from using the space to express their democratic rights. The Suffragettes were spied on and monitored by the police, in much the same way that many modern campaigners and even elected green politicians are labelled as domestic extremists today. As a Green Mayor I would ensure that the statue isn't just a memory of past struggles and a great victory, but I will also ensure that modern day campaigners are able to express themselves without fear of court action from the Greater London Authority, or police spies.

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