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Shut Down Gentle Jungle In The Meriden Mall

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Gentle Jungle in the Westfield Mall in Meriden, Connecticut is not so gentle. The employees who work at the store treat the animals very badly. The dogs are put into crates the size of large hamster cages where they only have room to sit.They also do not have beds,so they sleep on the cold bottom of the cage. Gentle Jungle allegedly gets their puppies from a puppy mill. The rabbits and other small animals also have a small habitat where there are more of them than space. When you enter the store, to the left are the dog crates, if you look closely, you could see that in the crates are piles of feces.There have been some accusations that the store has sold families sick animals and have later died because of their illnesses.On the Gentle Jungle website, it states "Our mission is to provide families with happy, healthy pets." That is simply not the case. It also states on the website "Gentle Jungle features five animal play rooms. Where customers may select a puppy, and bring it into the play room for fun" The play rooms are about the size of a closet When was the last time these pets have seen the sun and have had fresh air? Also, what about the other animals? The store also has cats, who don't seem to get any fresh air or any play time.We need to have this store shut down because it is inhumane to keep the animals like this in this condition. It is not healthy for the animals nor the staff because they are working around the sick dogs, etc. If we lose this battle in shutting the store down, the animals will keep living in poor conditions and the store will keep selling sick pets. It would be really helpful if you could sign this petition, so we could put all of this to a stop!! 

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