Close down “Gentle” Jungle

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I am here to bring awareness to the well known place of Gentle Jungle in the Westfield Mall of Meriden, Connecticut. This place is nothing but a hobby for young minded teens to stare and play with these dogs whom are treated so poorly; they aren’t even provided with a blanket, something so minimal that would provide the dog comfort. Instead they lay on hard plastic grates.

Although I am not 100% certain, these dogs do look heavily sedated, malnourished, and seem to lack all ambition and positive energy - the two most important attributes to any puppy. It’s not just the dogs either. The store showcases bunnies in glass windows that are poorly maintained, overcrowded, and almost never cleaned regularly. All it takes is just a couple of seconds for you to sign this petition and bring awareness to Corporate that there is nothing “gentle” about this jungle! Let’s do the right thing and get these animals a better home!