Remove Board of Trustee Member Polly Radosh

Remove Board of Trustee Member Polly Radosh

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Why this petition matters

Started by Shakyria Bailey

Polly Radosh has made several statements that have been harmful towards black students that have expressed discrimination at Western Illinois University. She continues to stand on the opinion that WIU has fixed all issues and progress has been made. But she fails to explain what “progress” has been accomplished.

Just recently she tried to discredit a group of black student leaders that have expressed their experience and disappointment with the university’s lack of support. Polly Radosh is a privileged white women, but believes she has a better account for the experiences of what black students have faced.

This is a petition to remove her from her Board of Trustees position. Western Illinois University will never advance when the people in power refuse to take accountability and listen to the concerns of the students they are suppose to serve.

We are demanding that Polly Radosh is removed from her position and replaced with an administrator that is dedicated to improving the issues that black students at Western Illinois University have been experiencing for the past four years.  

Below is the YouTube link where BOT member Polly Radosh took the time to try and discredit students.

403 have signed. Let’s get to 500!