Justice for Amber Yoon!

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Amber Yoon is a 10 year old girl from Western Australia. Amber was on a lunchbreak at Queen of Apostles Primary School in Riverton when another child had thrown a skipping rope over a branch, setting up a mock gallows in which the children played in. Amber was then told it was her turn, after refusing the children overpowered Amber. After forcing the noose into place, Amber said her attacker began winding more of the rope tightly around her neck before pulling on the other end, nearly lifting her feet off the ground.

Amber managed to escape and was accused by a teacher of placing the noose on herself. Despite this shocking case and ligature marks on the back of her neck the school didn't inform Mrs or Mr Yoon and didn't get Amber medical attention.

The student who did this shocking crime was not charged and as if the Yoon family hadn't already been through enough the parents of the accused has now filed a restraining order against Belle Yoon.

Bullying is a serious issue, it has dramatic impacts on the victim and their family's. In this case the bully could have ended Ambers life. We need to get justice for Amber. We need to show Amber and countless other bullied children that something will be done and we will try to protect them. We need to show the bullies that their behaviour will not be tolerated!