Support North Shore B-Line to Dundarave

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The Phibbs Exchange to Dundarave B-Line is the biggest public transit investment on the North Shore in over a decade. B-Lines provide limited-stop bus service with improved travel time and reliability, and run frequently all day, every day.

With buses running every 8 minutes during peak periods, the Phibbs to Dundarave B-Line will provide commuters access to over 40% of North Shore employers. This route is currently "one of the slowest transit corridors on the North Shore", and this new East-West is expected to greatly ease the traffic congestion residents experience daily. 

Translink needs municipal cooperation to make the necessary changes to existing road infrastructure to give B-line buses priority access. These measures include reserving the outside lane on Marine Drive for buses, while permitting drivers to parallel park or turn right. The project purges 15 parking spots over a 20-block stretch to facilitate left-turn bays and bus stops. These priority measures are critical to the B-line's success.

The plan has not been approved by the West Vancouver Council yet. Local business owners along Ambleside are concerned that removing parking spaces will negatively affect their business (article). This runs counter to the experience of the booming businesses along current B-line routes (E.g. 99 B-line along Broadway and 95 B-Line along Hastings). 

The evidence shows that the Phibbs to Dundarave B-Line is good for building connected communities, good for local businesses, and good for the planet. (See how here)

Tell West Vancouver Mayor & Council that you support the priority measures on Marine Drive for a rapid, efficient B-Line service for all North Shore residents.