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Please Tell West Seattle Nursery to Stop Marketing and Selling Roundup and Glyphosate.

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The purpose of this petition is to please ask our local nursery, West Seattle Nursery, to put principles over profit and discontinue the promotion, marketing, and sale of Roundup and other glyphosate containing herbicides.  The owner has said he will provide what the public wants to buy.  However, not every customer understands the negative effects of Roundup.  Let's demonstrate to the owner, that we would like his business practices to align with the values of his customers, and follow the other organic practices already instilled at the nursery. 

At a recent yard maintenance demonstration the owner was discussing various herbicides and started with promoting and advertising Roundup despite its numerous concerns.  Promoting a Monsanto product does not align with West Seattle gardening values. 

West Seattle has long held a respect and preference for sustainable and organic farming as evidenced by the strong support for PCC, the large organic selection at Safeway and QFC, as well as the organic selection at West Seattle Nursery.  However, despite these proclivities local businesses and specifically West Seattle Nursery is marketing, promoting, and selling Roundup.  Roundup is a toxic herbicide that contains glyphosate, an ingredient that has been identified by the California EPA as a  carcinogen.   The WHO labels it as probably carcinogenic.   Roundup is a product of Monsanto's line of herbicides.  While there may be some uses of Roundup that are not immediately troublesome, that is only if it is used by specifically following the instructions away from any body of water.  Here in Seattle, it is extremely difficult to keep toxic herbicides away from runoff due to our frequent rainy weather.  It is very easy for Roundup (glyphosate) to run off of properties, into gutters, and into the Puget Sound and other surrounding bodies of water. 

Additionally, weed resistance to glyphosate continues to climb at an alarming rate, which requires more frequent and larger applications.  This compounds any runoff issue.  Glyphosate also has a detrimental effect on pollinator populations including bees and the Monarch Butterfly.   These harmful reasons, among others are why myself, neighbors, and customers of West Seattle Nursery want the nursery to help keep Roundup out of our local environment by discontinuing the sale of Roundup and other glyphosate products.  Please consider signing this petition so that it can be presented to the owner of West Seattle Nursery.  This is one small change that can have a positive effect on our Seattle environment, and a step towards other businesses making the same decision. 

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