Animal control funding in West Fork Arkansas

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It has come to light how many fur babies are dumped or found  in the town of West Fork, Arkansas. City councel has been told plenty of times how bad the animal problem is getting. They choose not to do anything about it and expect West Fork residents to fork out money just for County to pick them up. I think West Fork has a serious issue that needs to be fixed. These poor animals need loved and cared for just like humans do. Not everyone has the money to help every stray they see. Every year hundreds of animals are dumped because people don’t want them or simply can’t afford them. It’s summer time and these poor animals are hot and pass away due to lack of hydration and food sources. With winter just around the corner and these fur babies don’t have a warm place to go and freeze to death. They run around and get hit by cars because no one cares to stop for them.I wish this would be brought to the eyes of the city councel and we can get animal control funding back for the town of West Fork, Arkansas! I thank everyone who helps to get this process going maybe we can be the voice for these poor animals!!!