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West Australian Government: bring an end to the clearing of headstones in West Australian Cemeteries

For almost 30 years the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board has been clearing headstones from Karrakatta Cemetery and will commence this practice in the Fremantle Cemetery in the near future.

Previously headstones have been removed from many graves of our soldiers that fought and suffered badly during the wars so that we may have our freedom. Now they have no markers on their graves ... is this the way we thank them?

Headstones from founding pioneers, people who have contributed historically to this state have had headstones removed ... is this how we thank them?

Previously, vaulable historic information and artefacts have been sent off and crushed for road base and we honour these people by driving over it.

The MCB have declared that this is no longer the practice however there has been limited evidence that this is the process.

The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board has other options available without removing headstones from graves but they refuse to consider these options.


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