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Wendy Williams Youtube Channel: Justice for EileenD

This petition had 594 supporters is a place where we utilize our voice for things that are important to us. There are many reasons for someone to start a petition. I am aware that perhaps my reason is going to be one of the most petty reasons ever, but alas.. I have to do what I have to do to have my voice heard.

This petition is aimed towards the Wendy Williams Staff and Wendy Williams herself. I absolutely love your show. It allows me to sip on the teas of other people's drama while escaping my own! However, as of lately, there has been some dry commentary during the show that makes watching certain parts cringe-worthy or even just plain annoyed with the back and forth with Suzanne most of the time. I get it, this could be what makes the show what it is, and I'm not even saying that's my issue.

My issue goes much much deeper. There was a gracious YouTube account under the name of EileenD who absolutely loves watching this show. So much in fact that she watches the entire parts of Hot Topics so she can give the fellow subscribed community the tea that she can sense we care about. She time stamps each segment and keeps it positive. We, the fellow subscribed community that have come to Wendy Williams' channel, look forward to seeing EileenD give us the time stamps! Well, it pains me to say, that she was blocked by this channel. Many of us are not sure why, but she stated on another video by a different channel that she was blocked for this reason.

I can sense what you're thinking.. "Why is this an issue?", "There must certainly be more pressing things in this world than someone not being able to time stamp a video for you.", "Surely, you are aware of the many children dying in some country from starvation, or black lives matters, or what's going with Donald Trump, or some other thing that has the world in an uproar, to be sitting here seeking justice for someone who's only crime was time stamping a few videos".

Your opinion on this matter is valid and you're entitled to it. Those movements that I mentioned are very important, however, this is not a petition for them. This is the #JusticeForEileenD Petition! from the subscribed community for Wendy Williams' channel, and if you view the comment section on many of her Hot Topic videos.. EileenD matters to us! We love her! Sooooooooooo....... remove your ban from her and if you have an issue with her time stamping your videos, time stamp them yourselves!

It is just not right to block a person for doing something that so many other people found nothing wrong with. If its cutting into your coin, then I get it and I'm sure many will, but that's no reason to just ban someone! The better way to put them out of business to offer the services yourself! People will appreciate it, and EileenD gets to continue watching Hot Topics!

I hope this reaches someone. I want no recognition, fame, or money. I just want EileenD back! Each signature symbolizes a person who wants her back as well. Please hear our voices! #JusticeForEileenD!

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