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Bring Wendy's Spicy Chicken Nuggets back!

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Wendy's spicy nuggets, a commodity that spread joy to all that were blessed enough to have a nibble of their perfectly seasoned crust, blessed enough to have the nice crunch of the crispy outer shell, and most of all, blessed enough to taste the perfectly spicy, juicy chicken.

Are you hungry for Wendy's spicy chicken nuggets now? WELL TOO BAD.

Wendy's has discontinued spicy chicken nuggets everywhere. No more will you enjoy the delicious crunch, it's all gone now. 

For many (Myself included) people, spicy nuggets were the only reason they went to Wendy's. But now their gone, they have lost many customers today.

But hope is here! When you sign the petition, you voice your desires to Wendy's, and petitions always work, right?

Already signed and want to help? Here's what you can do.

  • Share this petition with your friends.
  • Place pro-spicy nugget propaganda near Wendy's.
  • Harass Wendy's on twitter (@Wendys)
  • Voice your unhappiness on twitter with the hashtag #SaveTheSpice!

We hope you sign our petition, remember to join us on twitter with #SaveTheSpice

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