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Bring back the Wendy's Superbar and change the chili back to the original recipe.

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If you are old enough to remember the Wendy's Superbar, you remember how amazing it was. If not then it is an extreme injustice that you should be deprived of the joy the superbar can bring. Do we really want our children to grow up in a wasteland deprived of the Superbar?

We are living in a crazy time and a nation divided. I truly believe that the Superbar could help bring our people back together and make us one unified people once again. Lead by the example of the Superbar and it's coexistence of seemingly separate types of foods happily existing together in harmony on the same bar and bringing joy to all who experience it's splendor. So can the many different cultures of this great nation also come together and coexist in peace and fullove bellies.

The superbar was a wonderful paradise of many a 1980s childhood. The options unlimited just like the portions. Pasta with the option of tomato or alfredo sauce, I mean seriously what more could anyone ask for? But still, there was more, so much more. Like tacos hard or soft shell, chili, and so much more. Salad for the more health conscious and pudding for the infants, elderly and Bill Cosby who technically doubles as elderly these days. Each the pudding with caution though.

Additionally we are asking, nay, demanding the immediate repeal of the current chili recipe and replacing it with the original recipe. The people of this great nation and of all nations deserve to be able to come together in agreement that the original recipe was like a million times better. Let them try it. If you have any compassion at all bring back the old recipe and give peace a chance!

If you want the Superbar and original chili recipe back please sign and share our petition. We the people can create positive change when we come together in agreement that the Wendy's Superbar needs to return. If you believe in peace, justice and gluttony please we implore you to sign and share this petition.

Thank you!

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