Compensate our family for the illegal foreclosure of our home

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My name is Florica Moldovan, and in 1997 my husband and I purchased our first home together in Sacramento. But our lives took an unexpected turn when Nick was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer and lost his ability to work. After fighting the disease for nearly 5 years, he now has mere days to live. But on top of all this pain, Wells Fargo has evicted us from the our home, despite being in talks to modify our mortgage. This is not only heartless, it’s illegal.

Please sign my petition asking Wells Fargo to compensate our family for their illegal foreclosure of our home.

After Nick began chemotherapy he wasn't able to provide the second income we desperately needed to keep afloat. We asked Wells Fargo for a hardship loan modification but were denied. And after a failed attempt at chapter 13, we once again entered into lengthy modification talks with the bank. It was our only option. If the bank was not willing to work with us, not only would we lose our dream home, but we would be left with nothing.

Little did we know, Wells Fargo had sold our home right from under us.

Not long ago we were served a 3-day eviction notice. I haven’t had the heart to tell him that we've lost our home and are now relying on the generosity of family for shelter. My husband turned our house into the home of our dreams. It was a legacy he had hoped to pass on to our children. Now all we have left are painful memories.

This is not the story of financial irresponsibility. It is the story of a family that has suffered years of tragedy and that is struggling to get back on their feet. We have played by the rules, tried at every chance to make things right with the bank and have been frustrated at every turn. This could happen to anyone and I need you to help save my family from a life on the streets. Please join me and tell Wells Fargo to reverse our foreclosure and give my family a second chance.