Save Fox's Field for Our Wildlife & Community!

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Local people in Tonedale & Wellington have been granted access to the path, through the field that runs parallel to Tonedale Mill, the river, under the Railway line, to The Basins in Wellington.

Originally granted for use apparently, to workers at the Mill, for some years, the Public have used it to enjoy walking with their dogs. Those who do use it daily, enjoy seeing & hearing the established Birdlife, which thrives in this area. They are supported by the nearby Lindon Lane & The Basins/Nature Area.

As Tonedale Mill is developed, there will still be a need, to enjoy a safer, environmentally access path into Wellington. The main road is busy with heavy traffic, not an enjoyable healthy walk into town. This field offers a footpath, safe away from that noise, the danger of the Swallowfield entrance; it is very much a local beauty spot. To sell it for development, will lose all it currently offers, not just for now, but the future. For me personally as a Disabled person, it allows me a flat path to walk, where I can with my dog freely. I can park my Scooter close by, it does get waterlogged in winter, but the main Recreation ground does too. It is impossible, for me to drive on in autumn/winter. I feel safe in Fox's Field, relaxed enjoy the peace, the birds, the fresh air & especially the bank of the river which so many dogs enjoy a good swim from. It is an Oasis of calm, which I believe many enjoy. I am unable to walk through myself to the Basins, it's too far & the path unsafe, under the bridge. But I know people use it on a daily basis & have done for years.

The impact of its loss, to not only the Community but the Wildlife & green space, so many enjoy for its peaceful tranquility, is immense.

Currently the Recreation Area is manily for Sports, Dog Walkers only just tolerated, of which in Wellington there is a healthy Community. The recently opened Dukes Paddock, is on the outskirts of Town, accessed through the main Milverton Road only. It is limiting, not free,  not suitable for the Disabled or Mobility challenged. This field could be better maintained, to maximise it's potential, ensure its care for all to enjoy.

Therefore the loss to Tonedale, of this Open green space, will affect badly, the green belt it currently enjoys.

There were Little, Barn & Tawny Owls living in the Mill, before Renovation began. Sadly they seem to be lost. Once work is finished, it would be good to use this field perhaps, to encourage them back. Nest boxes could be put up, the field protected humans & Wildlife benefitting both.

Perhaps this lovely area could be bought by the Council, with Public Money, Officially for the Public & I'm sure those who use it, would be happy to maintain it, with a yearly subscription. Currently the access has not been improved, to make it safer to enter, despite recognition by the current owner, that the work needed to be done.

To allow it to be Developed & it is up for Sale now, will have huge cost to the Community, in terms of freedom to access & enjoy the path into Wellington. Once lost, it is hard to imagine the Wildlife can survive healthily. The Songthrush, Woodpecker, Nightingale, Sparrowhawk, Buzzard, Kingfishers, Blackcap. Their living area so diminished, it would be a huge loss to Wellington's "green" aspect.

Please support the saving of this Field, for its users, wildlife & future generations to come. 

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