We love you Maggi, but its time to change that plastic packaging!

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Dear Nestle,
PLEASE put our lovely MAGGI into an eco-friendly package and be the role model for all other companies. 
Less Guilt, More Eating!
Maggi Fan for Life!


We love you Maggi, you've stayed with us through the thick and thin of life: hostel days, exam nights, hiking trips, stress eating, movie binges…to just any regular day. You’re our favourite Ghar wali maggi, hostel wali maggi, pahadon wali maggi, beach wali maggi... just name it! 

Maggi is soul food! Clearly, there is no way any of us are going to stop eating Maggi any time soon. The ban and post-ban consumption are clear proof of that! I know I am not stopping. At the same time every time I pick up a packet of this deliciousness, I am conflicted. It's me vs. the environment, I am so ashamed that my taste buds win every time! I am hoping you guys are the same, if not..I salute you! 

So here is an easy solution, why don’t we just ask Nestle to change the packaging. I am sure with all this R&D happening around the world, there can be a more sustainable option, than the current plastic packets or at least come up with recycling strategy. 

A study from indahikes.com shows that a whopping 20% of all plastic garbage in the mountains was from Nestle products that mainly included Maggi. Just have a look at it yourself here:  


All I ask of you is to sign this petition, and share as much as you can.

Let’s love earth as much as we love our Maggi!