Justice For My Aunt Lisa Solomon (5000 Signatures Needed)

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Hearing: Sept 1, 2017
 (5000 Signatures Needed)

On Christmas Eve, Matthew Solomon murdered his 22 year old wife of 2 months, Lisa Weaver Solomon (my moms sister/my aunt) by way of strangulation. He then wrapped her body in garbage bags & left her to freeze in an elementary school field. Solomon reported Lisa missing and led the search for her. He stayed along side & held my grandma & begged news stations to help bring her home. Lisa’s body was found six days later by a very close family member. He not only ruined his life, he ruined Lisa's life & my family's life. Ever since I was little my family does NOT celebrate holidays, dinners together, we especially did not have Christmas. My whole family used to do everything together before Matthew destroyed us as a family. There's so much more damage he has done to my family I'm going to leave it unsaid. My sister Tara Weaver died at age 24years old in a car accident & she would be the out spoken one to get signatures but now I have to make up for & do whatever I can to help keep him behind bars for my aunt Lisa & my sister Tara both who are in heaven together. For my Grandma, my mom & my family.

Solomon was convicted of murder with depraved indifference and was sentenced to 18 years to life in prison. Please sign petition to keep him behind bars so he does NOT do this again & so he does NOT get a 2nd chance when Lisa will NEVER get a chance at life again...

Ps. You know the very last night I saw my Aunt was the same night she was murdered. I was just a pre-teen. I sang "some where over the rainbow" to her. I remember her laughing so hard & telling me how big & beautiful my voice was. I remember her laugh, her smile & I remember her walking out with Matthew that night...

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