Political Parties Should Add Climate Action in Their Election Manifesto


Political Parties Should Add Climate Action in Their Election Manifesto

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Aanchal Sharma started this petition to Shri Pushkar Singh Dhami (Chief minister of Uttarakhand) and

Respected Authorities,

With coming of Elections our choice of vote will depend upon the following Manifesto since our lives depend upon them. We ask all the Political Parties to include the following points -

1)Wildlife conservation( protection of endangered as well as least endangered species of our County Aquatic as well as land beings) 

2)Stop  Deforestation( the older a forest the more carbon sequestering power it has, forests are natural air purifiers they lower the poisonous Air pollution, prevent floods, prevent landslides, soil erosions and provide oxygen for our existence. Recently a child lost her life DUE of Air POLLUTION, this is a silent killer and we all are being diseased by it ) 

3)Focus on Sustainable Development (e- buses, e-rickshaws, e-vehicles, focus on solar energy power for electricity etc) 

4)Providing clean drinking water ( No dumping of industrial waste, plastics in the Rivers) 

5)Clean Air for our survival (curbing Air pollution, a silent killer) 

6)Organic Farming(encouraging and teaching youths and everyone for healthy farming) 

7)Proper check on the demographic and geographic regions before doing any construction work (as earthquake sensitive zones, landslide prone zones, soil erosion zones can damage the land, Ecology of the regions inviting multiple calamities risky lives of people for example Kedarnath floods 2013 and many more) 

8)No Deforestation in Forest Reserves.(flyovers, or any other eco friendly way be taken) 

9)High penalty for cruelty of Fauna. 

10)Compassion towards all beings. 

11) Employment 



14)Awareness programs

15)Waste Management ( Awareness programmes on waste management, recycling of plastic material, segregating our garbage)

By 2030, the average loss in daylight working hours could put between 2.5% and 4.5% of the GDP at risk annually. 

Extreme heat will significantly lower the outdoor working capacity of India’s labour workforce in the next three decades, putting at risk, the country’s economic growth, a recent report by the McKinsey Global Institute has warned.

In India, nearly 75 per cent of the labour force (some 380 million people) is exposed to heat- related stress. 

How will we sustain ourselves if laws for environment don't change? 

It is high time we choose a Government that understands the repercussions of climate change.  

We need our Rivers to be clean. We need Air to be Pure, these are our basic rights. 

We need urban forests. 

Any Political Party that will focus on all these topics and issues & includes them in their Manifesto will be our choice to vote for. 

It is today when we have to take a stand for the environment and our future Generations. 

We are part of this environment. 

Would you want to buy expensive adulterated oxygen cylinders for your child? 


This petition made change with 523 supporters!

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