6 MINUTE: Allocate 25% of air-time for positive & informative content in prime-time news

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Dear Media Channels,

Journalism (NEWS MEDIA) is one of the key impact factors that could make a considerable contribution in deriving the focus of a nation.

Therefore, We urge you (NEWS) to follow a SECTORAL ON-AIR CHECKLIST on a regular basis and Allocate 6 minutes (25%) for positive and informative content in News.

In this regard your contribution in allocating more time in a news bulletin (At least 6/24 minutes) towards the informative content and economic potentials than the political debates, gossip and crimes will be greatly appreciated (crime footage develop a procedural script and negative behavioral learning in weak-minded people and children).

It will be an eye opener for the policy makers, decision makers and society at large. Together, If we take a strategic direction as such in our attempts we could be proud contributors to the economic development that could be resulted in the next quarter.

Traditionally, media reports what happened but in the modern world media sets trends. So lets report and make it happen.



Prof. H.D. Karunaratne, Dr. Piyavi Wijewardene, Dinesh Abeywickrama, Dr. Suranga Silva, Dr. Darshana Samaraweera, Vidura Dias Abayagunawardana, Dr. Isuri Kumari, Dr. Chaminda Kumara, Manik Suriaaratchi, Miuru Jayaweera, Manthila Fernando, Fiona Nanayakkara, Dr. Sharmini Perera, Dr. Ishara Aravinda, Sumith Liyanaarachchige, Buddhika Ramanayaka, Janaka Bandara 

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