Justice for Jess. She was physically assulted and has proof but justice is denied

Justice for Jess. She was physically assulted and has proof but justice is denied

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She was 5’5, 120 pounds and pregnant.  He was 6’7 and 390 pounds.   She nicely asked him to pick up his own shoes so the puppy wouldn’t chew them.  That’s all it took to give him an “excuse” to hurt her. Her ex pulled her out of a chair, threw her to the ground, tackled her, and punched her in the face.    She suffered a severe concussion and was pregnant at the time.  She wasn’t wasn’t allowed to press charges.
Why you ask?
Because her ex was a cop in a very small town.  She had stayed quiet and lived with horrendous domestic violence and physical assaults for years.  He had threatened her many times that if she told people he hit her he would take her kids or kill her.  She believed him and knew he was capable.  She felt trapped and ashamed that she had fallen for an abuser.  She had not known abuse before him and was a college instructor of veterinary medicine and felt such shame and fear.  She was with him for the majority of 9 years.  Pregnant and afraid of loosing the baby she decided to leave him when he went into another rage.

  She called 911 to ask the police for help.  He hit the phone out of her hand  not letting her speak.  They could hear the fight.

 They sent his biological brother, a cop with a badge!

She got scared because it was his brother so when her 5 year old daughter ran up to her uncle and said, “daddy just punched mommy” she told her daughter to hush and said she fell.  If it had not been his brother she would have not gotten so scared and continued her silence about the abuse.  She had not told anyone in the town about it.  

Could you imagine calling 911 and having them send your attacker’s brother?

Days later she got the courage to call the cops for the second time and this time she had to ask his boss to protect her.. his boss!  

She bravely told them she needed help and explained the years of abuse.  She showed them videos of him hitting her, confessions to hitting her, and other evidence.  

The cops told her they couldn’t make him a better man nor father, to see a councilor, and threatened to arrest her when she continued to seek help!  She does have that cop saying the above on tape as proof.  The threat of her first arrest scared her and she was sad they wouldn’t help her.

The cops told her abuser she asked for help.  He was able to get a temporary restraining order and get her kids.

Several weeks later she was able to be heard by a judge.  The judge could clearly see the abuse in the evidence.  When first confronted with the videos the abuser said it wasn’t him in the videos.  The judge said something like you have a face, you are 6’7, very large, and have tattoos that is you. The abuser then said he was not hitting her but putting his arm up to protect his face from her.  In the video he is stepping forward aggressively and smacking at her.  Then when pressed about picking up this 5’5, 120 pound pregnant woman and throwing her the abuser admitted to that violence against her stating the police had not trained him to get out of unwanted situations without excessive force.   He then admitted she had never once hit him BACK or left a single bruise on him in their 9 year relationship.  She was granted a permanent protection order. His was denied.  The judge took his gun making him loose his job as a deputy.. but it was still not enough for the cops to press charges.. not enough for dcs to say “oops, sorry we believed him when he said he didn’t hit you. 

Instead of punishing him he was patted on the back and was allowed to continue to have sole custody and control of their kids backed up by DCS who still to this day say “she’s delusional about the abuse” as they have since day one.. why didn’t they say oops and fix this after she proved it?  She has a video and text proof of him admitting to taking her kid with lies for leaving her.  


She has never been in handcuffs or to jail even once in her life.  She is a very kind person.  She has never used drugs.  She does not nor has been accused of hitting her kids.  Her name has been tarnished by his drama and manipulations twice in the past as is common with victims of DV.  They were both accused of child abuse on two of his kids from a prior relationship but she does not blame that Mom for doing it because he had had complete control of her kids for 4 years prior. He has six kids.  He has six felonies plead down for yelling at a judge and jury years prior.  He has a misdemeanor theft charge.   Her ex took a plea of child abuse non specific of their kids.  She took a plea of injurious environment due to domestic violence on his part that she was actively seeking to escape from.  Yet he still has the kids and has not had to take a single DV class.  Why? Because the victim was blamed and shamed and the abuser is getting away with it.

She fears her ex killing one of their kids or her.  She has stated on her Facebook page Annmarie Wyatt, “if he does kill one of us someone please get all of my posts to the media so they can sadly say “the signs were there.. she asked for help.. why wasn’t she was helped..”   She says she didn’t want this fight and would have quietly walked away but will never stop till her kids are back with her where they will be safe and loved even if it takes 20 years.  She is scared but stands her ground and continues her fight for her kids.  

With enough signatures she can go to the DA and ask that charges be pressed for the assaults since the cops refuse to.  She has him on video saying, “yes I hit you” and other real evidence.

Sign and help Jess get Justice 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!