Change the law about how many animals you can have!!!!

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I am an animal lover as many people are. It breaks my heart to see the government decide how many animals we can have. I have recently been contacted by code enforcement because I have 7 dogs! All my dogs are well taken care of, up to date on shots, and are neutered or spayed. Yet code enforcement is saying I need to get rid of 5 of my dogs! Why? So they can sit in a shelter? Most of my animals I have had since 8 weeks. Some even from birth! Why should I put them in a shelter or rescue? I rescued them already when I brought them into my home. They have the best care right where they are in my home! But I am told I am forced to get rid of them or face up to a $999 fine per dog!!! That is outrageous. There are people doing horrible things that should be monitored and given fines. However your going to spend the time coming after people who’s only goal is to save animals? This makes no sense and it is so backwards!! So my goal is to g t enough signatures to change laws! As long as the animal is being cared for.... (I.e up to date on vaccines, spay/neutered, healthy, and happy) why does it matter how many? The law is suppose to look out for their citizens!!! Not break a family apart because of some stupid rule!!! Please sign this! Help me change this outrageous law! Thank you!

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