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Taj Mahal or Tejo Mahalay ?? The False and the Fact !!!

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Our Country has always been in a scuffle between the followers of Taj ( Mughals ) and Teja ( Shiv ) 

Getting the religious aspect down , can't we have a look at this issue just as something to be classified as a Matter of History , it's falses and the facts...

So to begin with , Taj Mahal , a Symbol of LOVE , built by Emperor Shahajahan for his 7the wife Mumtaz Begum , truely signifies love  ; )

But , was It really built by him ? .. here are some facts that strongly counter this " made to beleive fact " !! 

1.) The Nalanda Public Library , has documents , Patras , dated 1651 , clearly mentions of Shahajahan , asking for High quality Jaipuri Marble  to Rajasthani Rulers as there was huge leakage in most of the buildings in Taj Mahal and also the Dome and one MINAR had Deep Cracks. Ancient Structures stand strong and unharmed even today , had the construction been completed only in 1648 as today's theory ,,, according to ASI , No reparations would be required at least till 1740s. 

2.) Peter Mundey, an English Traveler to India , in 1631 , ( the year when the construction began as per today's theory ,) describes a Magnificent Structure surrounded by a lake ; Gardens and Markets accurately pointing out the same location of present day Taj Mahal ...  Da Laet , a Dutch official , guest to Rajput King Mansingh in 1558 , 4 decades prior to Mumtaz's death , notes a Grand and Beautiful Palace , housing a large Shiva Temple , surrounded by gardens , to which the localities , the Jats , referred to as Tej -o - Mahalaya ,  ( the Palace of Shiv ) , the location and Base structure Surprisingly match to that of present day Taj MAHAL.  --) British Library Documents. , Archeology Dept of India , Dutch Foreign Ministry Documents. 

3.) As seen all around Central Asia , Middle - East and the Indian Subcontinent , every Islamic Religious Structure compulsorily faces the west , whereas , the Taj MAHAL faces Southwards. -) History Channel Episode.

4.) 22 Rooms in Taj MAHAL have been sealed right from 1955 till date. Some parts of the Basement and a long Wall were inspected by Mr S Rao , ASI Official , he submitted the report in 1960 and thereafter the Court ordered to stop all the Investigation work and seal all property. The 22 Rooms that have been sealed have wooden doors clearly housing paintings of Rajput  ( Jaipur ) style showing Ceremonies and Festivals and also carvings symbolic to Hinduism and also small idols of Hindu Gods.

5.) Permission for Carbon Dating Test for the Marble of Taj Mahal , also the Stone that forms it Base , has always been denied by the Court.  Roughly a Decade back in 2007 , a Swedish Archeologist , got a Piece of the Wooden Entrance of Taj Mahal's riverside Carbon Tested and the result came out that it was built in 1155 AD , around 450 years prior to Shahajahan. - ASI Report

..... i'm sure , every reader found it interesting , but the Law seems to be least interested.

The RESPECTED SC of India , has always ignored all facts and clearly denied any permission for research and also rejected pleas to hear the matter.

Why such biasedness when something TRUE but Something that hurts , comes out ...■

I Urge You , to sign this petition and give the SC a clear call of what the Nation WANTS. 

Vote not for Feelings , but for facts !!! 

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