We Stand Behind Our Teachers. They Deserve More!

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All the teachers who work for the Fremont Unified School District for the past year have been negotiating with the district for a new pay contract/ raise because of how expensive it is to live in California ( cost of living is just super high and teachers don't get subsidized health insurance through the district).

As of last night, Thursday, February 22, 2018 teachers have declared impasse which means that the district and teacher's union are at a deadlock. The next step for teachers is "Work to rule"  which is where the teachers work ONLY their required hours ( 7:55-3:02). They will not respond to any emails or loopmails after this. Also, they will NOT meet with us during lunch and all clubs will be shut down. Additionally, they will NOT write any letters of recommendations. Teachers don't want to do this but as of right now if no progress is made they will have to UNLESS you or your parents or both message the board or attend the board meeting on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 to talk about how you support your teachers and emphasize their positive impact and how important they are. Tell your parents about this, push them to go speak at the board meeting this coming Wednesday. If they can't please have them email the board with their concerns and support for the teachers. You too can email the board and come speak at the meeting. Your voice matters just as much!!

Our teachers play a major role in guiding, supporting, leading, and inspiring us into our futures. They play an even bigger role in shaping our next generations of doctors, lawyers, and engineers. Without teachers, none of these fields would have reliable people. They are always planning for their next lesson and want to help us grow as individuals. Think of a favorite teacher or just a teacher that has impacted or changed or even just helped you in your lifetime. Now think about that teacher leaving the district because they were not being heard. Sign this petition to show that you stand with our teachers and you believe that they deserve to be paid much more than they are getting now and please inform your parents and tell them to email the district about their concerns. The truth of the matter is our teachers deserve much more. 

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