SAVE RHODES- Say NO to new high rises, NO to High and Medium Density Zones in Rhodes East

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STOP the proposal for high rises, high and medium density zoning in Rhodes East NSW.

We, the undersigned and current investors and/or residents of Rhodes:

- We oppose and reject the Revised Precinct Plan for Rhodes, which was released in December 2018.
- We say NO to More High Rise buildings & High and Medium Density Zones in Rhodes East
- We all oppose and reject any proposal for high and medium density Zoning in Rhodes East of the Train Line.
- We Say NO and oppose any new proposed R4 and R3 Zoning in Rhodes.

Apparently the Government has lost touch with people and the day to day struggle & community needs

NSW Government with the new proposed development for Rhodes East is turning Rhodes into a un-liveable suburb. Notwithstanding that the current proposal is unfair and misleading for the current residents in Rhodes West.

The proposed large numbers of new residents who are going to occupy the new development is way too high and MUST be reduced and the number of dwellings in Rhodes East must be minimised and only low density zoning with NO buildings more than 4 storeys should be allowed which is consistent with the height of the existing buildings in Rhodes which are facing Parramatta River and wentworth Point.

1- Rhodes is currently home for approx. 12,984 (as of 2017) spread over the a land of 1 km2 (size of Rhodes) and one of the most (if not the most) populated places in Australia.
In other words Rhodes is already overpopulated and as per as it is and now NSW government want to double that and build an additional 3,600 new units which will increase the population by approx. 8,500 people and turn the Suburb into unlivable Suburb.

The numbers and statistics above are showing that both the current and proposed infrastructure are not and won’t cope with the extended number of residents, moving inside the suburb and in/out the suburb will be almost impossible. and the density of population will be double any density peak around the world.

2- The feasibility study which this proposed plan was based on seems to be out-of-date.

As of 18 Nov 2018 approx. 4.9% residential existing units in Sydney are vacant and the developer of the new four buildings which are currently under construction is struggling to sell these units.

As of 18 Oct 2018, Rent prices in some pockets of Sydney have dropped by almost 10 per cent.

As of 18 Oct 2018, a record 43,980 units were advertised for rental – an annual increase of 23.3 per cent – with more than one-fifth of that new stock.

Inundating Sydney in general and Rhodes in particular with more units is going to worsen the situation more, increase the supply over demand, diminish the value of existing units and increase the harm the property and rental market.

3- As is it's extremely hard to find a parking spot on Rhodes’ roads. In fact occasionally residents experience double parking on the street. Government policy of zero car spots for resident who live within certain vicinity of the train station is impractical and will never work.

4- Trains are currently over crowded during peak hours to the extent that the train doors can't shut properly due to the number of passengers and this is now without any new proposed development. Notwithstanding that as is it takes 10-15 minutes to cross the road when a train arrives.

5- NSW Government has already allowed developers and the council to maximise their profit from all the owners at Rhodes West who have invested heavily in their apartments and paid sky rocketing prices for the city view and advising them that it's highly unlikely they will lose the view as Rhodes East is a swamp land.
This proposal for high density zoning is a betrayal; the proposed development is going to block this view and means wiping off hundreds of thousands of our units' value and leave us the current residents and investors with a mortgage larger than the value of our properties. This is unreasonable and unfair especially that NSW Government has postponed and/or made the announcement of Rhodes East proposed development after all the development in Rhodes West is complete, sold or underway.

6- Not revealing the height of the proposed buildings across the train line is appalling, misleading, unacceptable and unfair on the people that have invested big money for the view and now you are leaving them out of pocket if new buildings go in front of their buildings. It seems NSW Government is giving the developers huge advantage over us the current residents and investors which is unfair and unreasonable.

7- The proposed plan has no consideration for any infrastructure improvement to the exit & entry of the suburb (e.g. way from Rhodes to concord road and Homebush, from Rhodes to Ryde Bridge)

8- The Council currently is incapable of servicing the suburb wit the current population due to the large number of existing units and the lack of investment in resources, rubbish are kept for weeks on the side of the road, parks are full of dogs poo, Asphalt of Walker st is full of holes, etc.

We request NSW Government to 1) reconsider this proposed revised plan by reducing the number of dwellings and containing the population growth in Rhodes East and not allowing buildings more than 4 storey high to be built (which is consistent with the height of the existing buildings in Rhodes facing Parramatta River and wentworth Point) and 2) improve the current failing infrastructure and services prior to putting such plan forward on exhibition.

Stop this madness, SAVE RHODES, save our life style, save our life savings and do not ruin the suburb.

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