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Save Net Neutrality!

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Imagine wanting to visit one of your favorite sites and being slowed or blocked by your ISP. OR even asked to pay to view it!

Without net neutrality, ISPs would have the power to block their customers from visiting certain websites and slowing the internet speed behind them. This would significantly impact other petitions, fundraisers, and educational content!

Without net neutrality, a member of Congress could potentially call in a favor to have ANY site throttled or blocked.

Net neutrality makes the internet equal. So that anyone with any idea or story, regardless of their income, will be able to share it, JUST by having access to the internet. The high possibility of platforms being charged more for content delivery through "fast lanes" or "prioritization" completely undermines this. It should be protected, not attacked.

Without an internet that is equally accessible to everyone regardless of their income or background, we can’t continue that legacy. Please add your name to let Congress as well as the FCC know that you support an open and equally accessible internet.

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