Get Cornwall County Council review the traffic lights at Barnoose roundabout and bypass

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The ongoing stupid traffic system at Barncoose roundabout and the old Redruth bypass is a total failure. It is causing traffic congestion and chaos at all times of the day and night. I have lost count of the times after 10 pm where you approach Barncoose roundabout from Camborne to be met with NO TRAFFIC yet you have to wait ages for the lights to change from Red to Green when it would be perfectly safe to have a roundabout there as it used to be, with no congestion. Then if you are lucky enough to get through there you are met with yet another set of red lights before the exit to Redruth , it is unbelievable stupidity of the traffic "planners" oh dear "traffic planners" that's a joke these people couldn't plan anything. If you head towards the old Avers roundabout oh what a surprise even more red traffic lights so many that they can probably be seen from space! It all needs ripping out and return to the roundabout system that worked perfectly well for over 50 years. Think of the electricity saved alone in running this display of lights. Oh , and before you trot out the lights are for pedestrians etc. zzzz why not install some pedestrian controlled lights of in the old days "pelican crossings" ?