Please extend the replacement Robley Rex VA Medical Center DEIS public comments deadline.

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STROBO BARKLEY PLLC represents the City of Crossgate, which is located on Kentucky Route 22 (Brownsboro Road) directly adjacent to the proposed Replacement Robley Rex VA Medical Center (VAMC) site. 

This petition is to request that the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) extend the public comment period by sixty (60) days beyond the existing December 12, 2016 deadline for the VAMC's Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).

The DEIS is far too long and complex to be adequately reviewed by December 12, 2016, especially in light of the impacts to the City of Crossgate and other adjacent stakeholders including the veterans the VMAC will serve, cities, individuals, local governments and agencies, businesses, churches, and schools because of the proposed project. Given the consequences of this proposed project to those stakeholders and to ensure that the rights of those subject to the impacts are fully protected, it is necessary to review the draft EIS in great detail to develop comments. 

Pursuant to Executive Order 13563 and 40 CFR § 1503.1 (a)(4), which are the NEPA regulations requiring active solicitation of public comments, agencies must afford interested persons and the public a meaningful opportunity to comment on agency actions such as environmental impact statements and analyses that affect them. The VA should know from past experience with DEIS/EIS comment periods of other proposed VA Medical Centers across the United States that a good deal of time is necessary to adequately review and analyze a DEIS.Our ongoing review at this time indicates that it will take at least sixty (60) more days than the VA is currently providing to adequately evaluate this information, most especially the impact on transportation and traffic in the proposed area. Anything less than that amount of time will significantly hinder our ability to comment meaningfully.

It is critical that the process for commenting on the documents be handled in a way that facilitates maximum transparency and public participation. Therefore, in the interest of providing parties impacted by the proposed project a meaningful opportunity to comment, we request that the comment period for the DEIS be extended by 60 days beyond the existing December 12, 2016 deadline. 

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