East Freight Logistics moving company and many more moving companies.

East Freight Logistics moving company and many more moving companies.

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We need Governor DeSantis to take action on this matter!

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Started by Sherri Kasuba

East Freight Logistics moving company has stolen hundreds of peoples belongings and now the FMCSA has shut them down, so they will not be delivering anyone belongings to them anymore.

We need help either through the National Guard, to assist in getting personal belongings to their owners, or to obtain other moving companies to help. 

Hundreds of thousands of dollars were paid to East Freight Logistics by customers whose property never reached there destinations.  Instead their belongings were tossed into a warehouse and storage units like trash.  We desperately need your help.

Ashley Moody did a segment about companies she shut down and fined in 2020. We are having difficulty getting  warrents to get into these storage units to identify  our items that this company has disposed of! We need all the units opened so people may be able to  identify their belongings.  We have been in contact with Mark Audette  FMCSA ( No. 850 728-3727).  We also have filed numerous complaints with the FBI and the BHGS. 

There are 2 Detectives in Oregon that are helping.  Detective Joseph Cox (503-823-0577) and Detective Marshall ( 541-450-6342).  They are trying to get a subpoena to open the storage units but this hasn't happened yet.

This company  has been doing this for over a year.  People are just heart broken to lose all their life long treasures.  Some have ashes of beloved family members among their belongings!!  So very sad and very stressful  for all of us.

We need your help! Please help us get our personal property back.

This company works out of 522 Jackson Rd. Jacksonville FL 32225.

EFL Fraud representative,

Sherri Kasuba 

My No. (352-818-9400)

Thank you for your attention to this matter!








383 have signed. Let’s get to 500!