Confirmed victory
Petitioning Robert Wong, CEO Angostura Limited (Trinidad & Tobago)

We did it! Angostura has said they will pull the ad! Thank You ALL!!!

The ad is menacing and suggests and encourages date rape!

Letter to
Robert Wong, CEO Angostura Limited (Trinidad & Tobago)
Sent to Robert Wong, CEO of Angostura Limited (,
Executive Director, Vidia Persad-Doodnath
Executive Manager of Sales and Marketing Brenda de la Rosa:

Mr. Wong and Senior Executive of Angostura Limited,

I recently saw your newspaper ad. (see attached)
It shows a large image of a rather menacing looking, young man, and an insert image of him tugging on a young woman.
Your ad text suggests that if he buys her your alcohol, she will submit to his advances and take him out of the “friend zone”.

To say that this ad shows a complete lack of judgment would be an understatement. An ad would normally go through several levels of discussion before being released. It appears this ad slipped by everyone with a sense of decorum and went from the sewer to the Approved file.
Is this what passes as advertising in the Caribbean? Is this representative of you, the executive of Angostura Limited? "Drink, entice her, seduce her and date rape?"
Is there no element of responsibility even as an alcohol distillery?

I have asked everyone I know to contact you by any means possible, to let you know this is unacceptable.

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