We demand to stop blocking websites about HIV and LGBT in Russia!

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On April 28, the news broke that RosKomNadzor (RKN, Russian government media regulator) is planning to include the ParniPLUS.Com website about LGBT health and relations into the list of banned resources on the basis that the site is allegedly “denying family values and promoting nontraditional sexual relations”. At the same time, the major part of the website’s publications is aimed at preventing HIV in the community and in no way is intended to "deny family values". Such websites must not be banned! The result will be disastrous for the health of the whole community!

The notification says that RKN is planning to take such actions on under the decision of the Burlinsky Regional Court of the Altai Territory. It means that a court in a small remote village decided to become a censor and to block the website about HIV and LGBT. 

The situation of banning ParniPLUS.Com is just a link in a terrible chain. At the end of March, the oldest national LGBT website Gay.ru, that often posted articles about HIV, was blocked in Russia because of “propaganda of homosexuality among minors”. Later Vitaly Milonov, a State Duma Deputy and a member of the ruling party United Russia, applied to the Prosecutor General's office and asked to close the website of the SPID.Center Foundation that makes an invaluable contribution to the fight against the HIV epidemic in Russia. 

All the mentioned websites were, to varying degree, raising awareness of the core groups on HIV prevention, anonymous testing and living with the virus. 

We are urging you to stop banning resources about HIV and LGBT. People should have free access to information on how to protect themselves and their loved ones from HIV infection or how to live a long and full life with HIV. 

You can't stand aside! Sign this petition right now!

This petition was prepared by the Coordination Committee of the Russian Coalition of HIV service organizations and LGBT communities.

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