We demand criminal charge on the "sex predator" doctor and revoke his doctor license

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Assalamualaikum and a very good day to everyone. 

For your knowledge, Dr Zamyn Zuki is the one who had sexually harrassed and raped more than 38 female doctors who were under his orthopaedic department in Hospital Sungai Buloh, Malaysia, as reported by New Straits Times on 18th September 2018. 

And today, our health minister Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad announced that the public service department and health ministry have decided to sack him after an internal investigation done. 

But it has come to our concern that, there is no criminal charges were taken on this sexual predator doctor and he is still a registered practitioner in this country as his license is not deregistered by the Malaysian Medical Council(MMC) yet. Which indicates that this criminal is still able to work at any private hospitals or clinics he wants. 

In order to make sure the justice is prevailed and there is no more victim after this, I as a medical doctor would like to start up this petition to urge the government and the authorities to take legal actions on him, and do not attempt to cover up his crimes because of his father holds a "Tan Sri" title.

Thus, I would like to request all the victims who were traumatized by this sicko DO NOT COMPROMISE with any parties or person, please lodge a police report against him together, this sicko must be jailed as soon as possible. Our voices need to be heard, any form of sexual abuse and sexual harassment are not tolerable at all. 

Last but not least, I would like to thank you to everyone who has signed up the petition. Please do not forget to share this petition as well to your friends and family.