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In early March it became known that the Belarusian travel company PIS TOUR is going to hold a bullfight near Minsk and the bulls will be brought from Spain.

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The thing is that the corrida, like other recreational activities involving animals, has long been condemned all over the world and millions of people who are not indifferent seek to stop this cruel exploitation practice with all their might.

Despite the fact that the "Belarusian" bullfight is declared by the organizer as bloodless, it does not mean that bulls will not suffer. The animals will have to travel a distance of 3,5 thousand kilometers from Spain to Belarus, and then as much - back in tightly closed containers. And this is in a total 4 - days road, not counting the idle time on the border. The process of agonizing transportation in summer, in the heat, the most negative way will affect the condition of animals. They are unlikely be properly fed and watered, in order to simplify the cleaning procedure. According to the numerous polls, the inhabitants of Spain
themselves have long spoken out against bullfighting in their homeland, believing this is not a cultural tradition but a barbaric remnant of the past.

People should also understand: how the oppression of slaves and women is now perceived as the dark Middle Ages, cruel treatment of animals must also go from the category of "norm" to the condemned phenomenon!

Animals are not a resource, not slaves, not beings, designed to satisfy the slightest, often unreasonable and cruel whims of a person. They are our full neighbors on the planet! And the fact that they do not have rights and opportunity to stand up for themselves does notmean that we should use this!

Help stop the popularization of corrida in our country!

Sign a petition in support of those who can not protect themselves!
Choose humane ways of education and entertainment for you and your children, because we live in a wonderful time of great opportunities and a huge choice of alternatives!

Be humanists, it's so simple!