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We call for the resignation of Larry Canning from District 228 Board of Education

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Larry Canning has just been elected to his second term as a District 228 Board of Education member and he has already shrouded the district in scandal. Canning has employed behaviors that perpetuates a bullying society throughout the four district schools, the Bremen Township, and local elections. At the April Board of Education meeting, Canning called Board member Johnson an "idiot" after Johnson called out Canning's unethical behavior. He went on to call the President of the Board of Education, Stearns, an idiot as well. Here is the video of the April 18 Board meeting; Johnson's speech begins at the 27 minute mark. Also take note that at the 36 minute mark, Canning said, "She's not a woman," referring to President Stearns and why he doesn't need to respect her. Not only is bullying perpetuated, but now a misogynistic message is being sent to every single male in the district. If it's okay for an elected Board member to not respect someone when he deems them "not a woman," what stops hundreds of males in the district schools from doing the same, or worse? 

Canning has been accused of campaign finance violations by multiple people which could result in heavy civil financial penalties. But for someone who ran on fiscal responsibility, was this responsible? Does this portray a positive light on District 228? He has also received multiple complaints of unethical behavior. In the link above, Johnson talks about how he felt pressured to vote with how Canning voted. Resler, Vice President of the Board, who ran on Canning's slate in 2015 but quickly disassociated herself from it, also stated that she has been pressured by Canning. "Not only did he issue this threat, but he used one of my daughter's teachers- a staff member at District 288- to communicate this threat," Resler reported to the Chicago Tribune (here). The union that represents teachers in District 228 was quick to remind the Board that they are breaking an oath and code of conduct by using teachers as pawns. Let's also not forget that Canning threatened and harassed Superintendent Kendall, and was also removed as Board President for violating policies and allegedly attempting to interfere with hiring of personnel. 

Finally, it would be a disservice to this petition if Canning's ties were not mentioned. Canning is a full time Bremen Township Highway Department employee. According to the state Board of Elections, Canning was given his job just months after his wife donated to Maggie Crotty's, supervisor of Bremen Township, campaign in 2014. In the 2017 election, Canning used his Township truck for Board of Education campaign events, such as parades. Keep in mind that Crotty has kept her foot on the throat of Bremen Township for some time now and has been regarded as being in the same political network as Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel- typical, corrupt Cook County politicians. It's interesting to note that Crotty also ran her 2017 campaign on fiscal responsibility (cutting taxes) but has done the exact opposite for Bremen Township. 

A man that has allegedly broken campaign finance laws, bullied and pressured other Board members by using District 228 employees, and uses one position to influence the outcome of an elected official should not be a voting member that directly affects our school district. I call for the immediate resignation, or removal, of Larry Canning from the District 228 Board of Education. 

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