We call for the immediate removal of Rape Day from https://store.steampowered.com

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A new game called Rape Day, set during a zombie apocalypse sees a player attempt to survive a zombie attack. The player can "harass, kill and RAPE Women" as they progress through the story.

We don't even know where to begin with this. It is genuine game due awaiting launch. Unfortunately it's not a hoax. We are absolutely horrified by this.The RAPE of a woman is not a game. Nor should it ever even be considered a topic to be introduced in a game. The internet is constantly pushing boundaries of what is acceptable or viewed as a societal norm, however this is a step to far.

Young people are damaged enough due to their overexposure to pornography. An understanding of consent barely exists. It not acceptable to double down on the harm this is already causing to girls and young women with the intention to normalize Rape as just part of a game.

We call on Steam to immediately issue a statement to the effect that it will not host this game or any other game which includes the sexual abuse of women on its platform.

We would ask all of you to support us by voicing your objections to the release of this game also. The creators of the game should be ashamed of themselves. It's abhorrent, degrading and pathetic. Shame on them.