We are seeking justice for Asifa Bano, an 8-year-old victim of rape and murder

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Violence against women and children is a crime beyond politics, religion, race, or social status. It is often rooted in social and cultural norms and gender stereotypes. As members of humanity we must stand together in solidarity for justice against this evil. Asifa Bano was an 8-year-old child living in Kathua, Kashmir, India. While she was grazing her cattle she was abducted, drugged, repeatedly raped and finally murdered. Asifa was a beloved daughter. In her humanity she had the same fundamental right as you and me: the right to freedom, a future, to love and to be loved, to hope and to dream. All these were robbed from her by violent men, who saw her as nothing more than a disposable object to be used to satisfy their own purposes. Instead of being her protectors, they were the perpetrators of unspeakable crimes against an innocent life. Asifa’s is not an isolated occurrence. Everyday, across the globe women and children fall prey to these predators. It has been said “the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing”. We can no longer “do nothing”. It is just as much a crime if we choose to look the other way, and, refuse to fight for Justice. Let us come together and send a strong message to the Indian Justice system that the world demands justice for Asifa and the nameless, countless other victims of violence, (in this case), in India. Please sign this petition to add your voice to see the guilty punished for their crimes, and justice served for Asifa, a child who had no voice. All signatures will be sent both to the Consulate in Ottawa, as well as the Parliament in India.